Holistic Nutritionist, BIE Allergy Testing

Belinda is a Holistic Nutritionist and BioEnergetics Practitioner. She uses alternative, functional, and holistic nutrition to establish root causes of disease and imbalance for people who just don’t feel good in their own bodies.

Belinda creates personalized wellness plans so that clients can establish daily routines, healthy eating habits, and a consistent exercise routine leading them to feel transformed, balance and healthy each and every day.

She coaches women who are struggling with their weight on how to reduce stress and food cravings without feeling deprived and overwhelmed. She will give clients the tools to transform their mind and body while feeling motivated and empowered.

“I am on a mission to help people navigate their health issues, breaking their bad habits, while creating new positive lifestyle changes using 1-on-1 coaching. For those clients further away, or for those people who work best on their own, I also have 3 health programs with easy to follow guides.
Along with Nutritional Coaching, I am well versed in using muscle testing to check for allergies or intolerances to foods, environmental allergens, and hormones to name a few. This is a non-invasive method to help bring the body back into Homeostasis to alleviate symptoms. Check out the BIE section for more information on this method.”