Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

A recent graduate from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (CAO), Brock Shields is the newest osteopathic manual practitioner to join our Ancaster Osteopathy team.

Being an athletic individual, Brock was familiar with physical injuries while growing up. He was first introduced to osteopathy through his father, who received regular treatments for a concussion. Brock went on to seek osteopathic care for personal injuries, including a broken back and severe concussion following a snowboarding accident.

Experiencing the benefits and enhanced recovering of osteopathy, on both first-hand and secondary perspectives, encouraged Brock to attend the CAO. His primary focus as manual practitioner is to ensure that his patients are able to have the best quality of life, no matter what their day-to-day routines include.

Brock is open-minded and continually learning. In his free time, he enjoys exploring osteopathic literature and videos to ensure that he can provide the best care for any patient who walks into the clinic!